About the Council

The IOT Industry Council aims to accelerate the uptake of IOT technologies in southern Africa. It promotes technical excellence and adoption of best practices and standards, by bringing together industry players, educational institutions, public sector organisations and technology users in a co-operative ecosystem.

Bringing IOT to your business

Now we can transmit real-time, real-world data into powerful computer systems to give us greater visibility into our environment, validate the information we gather, and make accurate predictions about what is to come. Found out more about how IOT technology can benefit your business.

Benefits of joining

The IOT Council is here to:

· Match-make buyers and sellers
· Share technical and business resources in implementation, security, resilience, privacy and governance
· Resolve differences, address challenges and develop programmes that drive the industry forward

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Why is the Internet of Things so exciting?

IoT is a transformational technology that can ensure South African businesses, manufacturers, agriculture producers can be globally and regionally competitive.

The technology opens many opportunities for smaller entrepreneurial business to build tech and create solutions that can drive growth in the SA economy.

IOT technology will make businesses/farms/government departments more efficient and better managed. It is a technology for all to embrace – it does not replace people or threaten jobs, but makes people more aware of their environment.

A key to SA becoming a leader in adopting IOT is driving industry best practices and standards, helping companies in their adherence to regulations.  This includes data privacy, health & safety issues, environmental conditions and more.

The IOT Industry Council is the trusted advisor to enterprises, tech startups and national and local government in they accelerate their adoption of IOT.

The IOT Industry’s Voice

The Council acts as a collective voice for the industry to represent its interests to media, analysts/research companies, industry events, public policy and government.

Build confidence in SA tech

The Council's role is to build confidence in this industry and its players, showcasing their ability to provide world-class solutions. IOTIC works with relevant regulatory and standards bodies to create a set of norms and standards to give this new tech ever greater credibility. This includes driving best practices in security, resilience, privacy, and other key issues.

Help You Find Solutions

The Council publicises the solutions and technologies that are being created and integrated in South Africa, by South African companies. Our platforms are updated regularly to keep you up to date.

Build SA’s Skills

The Council liaises with and supports related industry and enthusiast groups to build technology and engineering skills, and with government departments to form bridges between private and public sector. It creates resources to promote access to relevant standards to ensure regulatory compliance and professionalism.


The IOT Industry Council and its members regularly publish articles, white papers, technical documents and more.

Browse some of these resources now, or join the Council for full access to the private member library.

Latest News

The IOT Industry Council actively promotes exciting new technologies and effective solutions that will make South Africa a better place for all. See our latest press releases, announcements and white papers.

Biz Community “IOT Explained for the CFO In Just Six Short Words”, August 20, 2018

For CFOs and the finance leadership in organisations, someone raising the overhyped term “Internet of Things (IoT)” has most likely returned only sighs and eye-rolls. Most finance executives have seen too many new technologies that promise to do astonishing things, but end up just being smoke and mirrors.

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IOT Council invited to present to Conext 2022

The IOT Industry Council has been invited to present at this year’s Conext Conference, the leading digital convergence event hosted by the Digital Council at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on the 28th and 29th of September. The topic is “IOT – Solutions for Africa”, looking at solutions being marketed across our continent and […]

IOT Council welcomes members back for 2022

As we (fingers crossed…) exit the COVID era, the IOT Council held it’s first in-person members event in June 2022. There were two speakers: Sean Laval from Sigfox South Africa, to talk a little about Sigfox and how it fits in the Low Power radio communications space, and a bit of a teaser about the […]

Report-back on the IOTIC’s first Connected Things Forum (Johannesburg, Aug ’19)

The first ever Connected Things Forum took place at the Microsoft Campus in Bryanston, Johannesburg, on the 13th of August 2019, with over 100 people in attendance. IOT industry players, analysts, and some businesses keen to hear about where things are going. Master of Ceremonies was Patrick Shields, CTO Africa of Software AG  (and now [...]

IOT Industry Council constituted as non-profit organisation

South Africa’s first industry body for the Internet of Things – the IOT Industry Council – formed, backed by leading tech players Local and international industry leaders work together to advocate for this transformative technology, drive best practices and grow expertise The IOT Industry Council of South Africa (IOTIC) announced today that it has been formally constituted […]