South Africa

Connected Things Forum


August 13


09:00 am - 12:00 pm

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IOT Industry Council of South Africa


This event happened on the 13th August. We expect to run the next Connected Things Forum in Cape Town in late November.

For a taste of what you can expect, this is the programme of the CTF-1:


Part 1: A view from the client side – IT executives from two leading national corporates will give a ten minute overview their IOT journey – what they’ve done, what they want to do, and what they would like to see from the South African IOT industry

Part 2: Speed Dating – IOTIC Members will take a seat at their Speed Dating table .. all the delegates will in rapid succession spend two minutes with you. You have to tell them what you do, why and for whom.

Part 3: Looking forward – The IOT Industry Council has invited top tech analysts to give a short overview of where the IOT industry is globally and in SA. Opportunities, expected spend, hot-button areas, deployment predictions.