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Informed Decisions is a wholistic IoT, IIoT and Connected Devices company that designs, builds and executes a wide range of specialised solutions. These solutions use best in class technologies and are designed by seasoned solution architects to provide the best-integrated solution that is fit for purpose as well as affordable.

Q Our IoT Products & Services

Network Gateway - We have designed our own network gateway that creates a LPWAN where-ever we deploy

Sensor Nodes - Our sensor node has the ability to connect to 16 different protocols as well as 352 different sensors

Device Management - Cloud-based, data aggregation service with device management and security control solutions

Platforms - User interface platforms based on customer requirements

Q Some of our Work

▶ Smart Draught - Complete Draught Beer monitoring solution

▶ Fridge Tracking and Monitoring - Monitoring and tracking of commercial fridges

▶ Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - Medical BMS solutions

▶ Smart Agri - Complete end-to-end smart farming solutions

▶ Vehicle Tracking - Fleet management solutions

▶ Bulk Fuel Monitoring - Bulk diesel monitoring and reporting

▶ Smart City - Full range of smart solutions for municipalities

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