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Over the last few decades we have been on a journey of innovation, reinvention and growth. With the experience and insights we have gained we will continue to deliver more business solutions that meet and exceed your needs and unleashes your potential.

At Nashua we have transformed our business by partnering with strong brands to ensure that your business evolves. We want MORE for your business and have positioned our brand as a Total Workspace Provider so that we are able to offer you world class solutions enabling you to grow from strength to strength. Our low touch economy and Total workspace Provider approach positions us as a preferred partner to our customers. We have evolved and we want you to be able to do MORE with us by your side each step of the way. We enable small businesses to transform into enterprises knowing they have a trusted partner with all the right solutions for their business – Barry Venter CEO

Q Our IoT Products & Services

From SMEs to corporations, from schools to restaurants, from hospitals to factories – at Nashua we understand that every business has unique internet connectivity needs.

Which is why we work with Africa’s leading connectivity suppliers to bring you an enterprise-grade, cost-effective internet connectivity solution that’s right for your individual business needs, and your business’s future growth.

Whether it’s a fibre or a wireless solution, we take the time to understand your business, find the perfect, best-of-breed internet connectivity solution for you, and then back it up with 24/7 monitoring so that you always have support when you need it most.

It’s more than business internet connectivity, it’s a platform designed to help you thrive. See what connectivity solutions are right for your business and your vision.

Q Some of our Work

Partnering with the best wireless providers in Africa, Nashua Wireless provides your business with the security, performance and reliability it needs to boost responsiveness, creativity and productivity. Whether you’re looking for a solution that can handle video conferencing, connect multiple devices, share large files or provide a seamless collaboration across the office; we have you covered.

Nashua Fibre is a high-speed, scalable data and voice solution that has the power to change your business. Whatever your business demands, you can look forward to high-performing, reliable internet connectivity that won’t let you down. We’ve partnered with next generation network providers to bring you some of the fastest, most dependable Fibre in Africa.

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