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Q About Us

Our vision is to provide organisations with greater access to data-driven decision-making tools that will dramatically increase their efficiency, minimise risk and improve their bottom line.

Our team of skilled engineers and software developers draw on many years of experience in engineering and Information Technology to create new-age solutions that change the way organisations view and run their businesses.

We are on a mission to make asset management and predictive maintenance easy and affordable for all organisations. Through our innovative approach to Condition Monitoring and Production Monitoring Quill is fast becoming a disrupter in the industry.

Q Our IoT Products & Services

Quill’s comprehensive IoT based Production Monitoring and Condition Monitoring solutions provide real time visibility and insights into machine utilisation, performance and availability, helping manufacturers better manage their critical assets. Quill helps producers to maximise their output by improving production line efficiency, reducing waste, improving equipment reliability and reducing unplanned downtime.

Our turn-key solution provides all the required elements (sensors, IoT fabric, Cloud Computing, time series and relational databases, real-time data analytics, alerting, reporting, dashboards, integration with ERP, MES, SCADA, business process outsourcing and machine learning) in an open and adaptable solution that is able to integrate with any third-party systems and equipment through industry standard protocols.

- Visualise your entire critical equipment estate and drill down into individual machines to see real-time status information
- Understand real-time and historical equipment performance and how it is affecting business operations
- Maximize equipment effectiveness by understanding usage patterns, identifying peak hours and idle times
- View asset management information and asset utilization information to help service teams understand ongoing equipment needs
- Understand how to optimally deploy equipment to balance workloads and ensure users can seamlessly execute jobs
- Alert service teams with advance insights into potential disruptions and take corrective action to minimize downtime
- Historical performance data, trends and alarms are stored in our secure databases and always available to users
- User friendly, cloud based solution, accessible from anywhere via web or mobile interface
- Full visibility of all your machines' critical data, accessible and manageable in one comprehensive dashboard.

Q Some of our Work

We are currently engaged in the following industry sectors:
• Mining and Minerals
• Packaging
• Chemical production
• Industrial refrigeration
• Non-renewable energy production
• Renewable energy production
• Plastics production and recycling

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