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The next generation of the Internet is one which enables communication with machines. It is called the Internet of Things (IoT). Although there is much hype around this conglomeration of technologies there are genuine reasons behind the excitement. Amongst the numerous advantages promised by IoT are:
• Sensor-driven decision analytics.
• Optimized resource consumption and allocation.
• Instantaneous control and response in complex autonomous systems.
We, at tekSolve, have been involved with wireless electronic technologies and are in a prime position to be able to help any customer migrate their existing electronics into an Internet enabled system.

Who we are
A team of highly skilled engineers with experience in project management, software and hardware development.
Director: Buff Thokoa
With a combined experience of over 10 years of the full software cycle development ranging from communication protocol testing and implementation to database, hardware and web application development. Main areas of expertise are the telemetry/SMART grid, M2M and IoT technologies.

Q Our IoT Products & Services

gasIQ LPGas monitoring and compliance solution. Aimed at home users to industrial and restaurant industry the device is used to monitor gas usage, cylinder location and the detection of gas leaks. It uses the Sigfox network for communication.
senseIQ industrial sensing system. An industrial sensor aggregation device supporting MODBUS and 4-20mA current standard transmitting over a LoRa network.
waterIQ smart water management system. An internet enabled platform to monitor the quality and level of water in bulk water supply systems.

Q Some of our Work

Condition monitoring system.
Designing a LoRa based health asset monitoring device for Next Biosciences.
Designing and coding various nodes of the Grid Control Prepaid SMART metering solution.

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