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A premier provider of value-based ICT solutions for corporations and government agencies. Zotera offers comprehensive Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 solutions (IIoT) as well as Surveillance & Security and Mobile Networking Solutions.

Q Our IoT Products & Services

Zotera develops "disruptive" Industrial Automation Technologies that enable real-time Monitoring & Management of Infrastructure, Assets and Facilities.

Our solutions include a range of integrated hardware and software components that connect the "Things" within an industrial environment to provide complete visibility into its operations and actionable intelligence.

Zotera's Edge Computing Platforms integrate Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) into one single system, in a single place: the "Edge".

The convergence of IT and OT is the biggest technology trend in Industrial Environments and as a result, our solutions are capable of transforming dozens of industries.

Deployed on premise and in remote locations (in some cases with little infrastructure), our solutions allow us to bring intelligence to the edge of the network enabling real-time analytics to be hosted close to sensors at the location where the date is generated and delivers trusted data to the cloud.

Our offerings allow a transition from traditional preventative maintenance to predictive, and prescriptive real-time Al-based analytics to determine the time before maintenance is required, to reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime.

Q Some of our Work


Video Camera Surveillance

Portable Communications Platform


Temperature Detection & Facial Recognition


Thermal Imaging IR Temperature Screening System

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