Connected Things Forum I – 13 August 2019

Material presented at the CTF I in Johannesburg, August 2019

Presentation by Kieran Frost, Research Manager, International Data Corporation (IDC) South Africa: Market breakdown, predictions on key growth areas.


MTN IOT Awards 2019: finalists and winners


Connected Things Forum II – 5 December 2019

Material presented at the Connected Things Forum II in Cape Town, December 2019

Connecting IOT Devices for Fun and Profi

Presentation: Hein Koen, Director of Flickswitch.

Hein looks at how to make sure you make money out of IOT connectivity. Unpacking what goes on behind the scenes in connectivity that could make the difference between a profitable solution and losing money on every new device.

Presentation: IOTIC_Hein-Koen_Flickswitch_Dec19

Speaker notes: IOTIC_Hein-Koen_Flickswitch_speaker-notes_Dec19

The Not-So $1 IOT Product

Presentation: Johann van Niekerk, MD of Nerospec IOT

Johann looks at the hidden costs of building an IOT device in terms of design, firmware and back end, testing and then the very expensive process of certification, before a single device is manufactured.


Putting a Rocket Engine Under Your Business 

Presentation: Zandile Fuyane, Senior Industry Development Manager from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC)

Zandile looks at corporate finance and funding for growth for companies wanting to accelerate their growth or spread their wings to global markets.

(Note: this presentation was not delivered on the day as there was a technical problem with the CT flight which had to turn back to JHB.)


State of the IOTIC Nation

Presentation: Roger Hislop, IOTIC chair

More about the IOT Industry Council, and its current membership.