South Africa


IOT Industry Council constituted as non-profit organisation

South Africa’s first industry body for the Internet of Things – the IOT Industry Council – formed, backed by leading tech players Local and international industry leaders work together to advocate for this transformative technology, drive best practices and grow expertise The IOT Industry Council of South Africa (IOTIC) announced today that it has been formally constituted…
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IOT Explained for the CFO In Just Six Short Words

Better resourcing, reduced waste, managed risk through the Internet of Things When you boil it right down, the primary responsibility of the corporate Chief Financial Officer comes down to a few short words. “Allocate resources well, reduce waste and manage risk”. For CFOs and the finance leadership in organisations, someone raising the overhyped term “Internet…
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The IOT-IC of South Africa will launch soon.

We’re putting the final touches on the Council, bringing on board our founder members, and will launch soon.